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Royal Mail Tracking: A unique and useful service for posts and emails in the UK i.e., Royal mail, which is a Universal Postal service provider. Since it is universal Postal service company it will provide shipping services all over the country. Royal Mail Group delivers a six-days-a-week, one-price-goes-anywhere postal service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK. All over the UK, it will provide mail connection and delivery services. The aim of its services is to make the first class delivery with the next business day through the nation. These services are operated by the government department of a public corporation.

Royal Mail Tracking:

Royal mail tracking is very much helpful in order to know the exact location of your shipment from time to time. In order to know the shipment location, the customer should have the post tracking number. With the help of this tracking number, it will be very easy for the customer to track the shipment until it reaches the exact destination. This tracking services will ensure that your package is safe and it will reach the destination within the expected delivery date.

There is a common procedure in order to track your package by using any of the online tracking tools which are as shown below.

  • At first, you should go to the official website from where you can easily track your package.
  • In the box provided, you should enter your waybill number or tracking number.
  • After that, you should complete your verification process.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • Then the complete information about your shipping package will be shown with the exact location.

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Features & Services:

The royal mail tracking services are available with many features which will help you to easily access all the features in order to use the services completely. It is very important that you should know about the best features that it is providing for its customers.

  • The speed of the services delivery and tracking will be done very fast.
  • Security is also one of the future which is more concerned in the royal mail.
  • Royal mail redelivery is one of the important features that you can find the services of Royal Mail.
  • Signature on delivery in another feature in which the signature will be taken as soon as the package has been delivered to the given address.
  • The cost of shipping the package is very reasonable and there will not be any extra charges applicable based on the type of the shipment that you have selected.
  • The customers will be provided with the many numbers of services so that they can choose the best service that they want.

The Royal mail will provide some extraordinary services for the customers and the services are given below.

Special Delivery Guaranteed:

Royal mail special delivery guaranteed is one of the services which is offered by the royal mail. This service will not only provide you with the tracking information but it will also give you an online proof of delivery of your package. There is also a money back guarantee provided by Royal mail special delivery guaranteed service.

Track 24 and 48:

Royal mail track 24 and 48 is one of the delivery services which is very speedy. The delivery service in this package will send it to the destination within 2 days. In this service, you can also find SMS or email notifications.


Royal Mail International will provide the services which are extended to different countries. In this service, the customer range from an online retailer to entrepreneurial start-ups will also be included.

Royal Mail Domestic shipping:

Royal mail domestic shipping services will provide you with the best solution for domestic and international products and services. You can also track the shipment location by using the tracking services of Royal Mail.

Royal Mail Number Format:

Royal Mail tracking number is quite unique and it is assigned to every customer. One of the most common tracking number format for Royal mail tracking is a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters. The format will usually start with two alphabets and it is followed by 9 digits. The tracking number ends with “GB” (e.g. AA 000 000 000 GB). Some other common format may also exist as tracking number formats.

Royal Mail Customer Number:

Customer care services of Royal Mail will provide you with the best services and quick response to the problem. The customer care services will provide you with complete information on. The services are available 24/7 to help the customers in order to access all the best features available in Royal Mail. The royal mail services will never fail to provide the customers with the Useful information. You can call the customer care representative at any time using the mentioned numbers. Make sure you contact the right number for the right topic. Also make sure you contact international numbers if you are not from UK.

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Customer Services / Complaints 03457 740740 +44 3457 740740
Text Phone Services 03456 000 606 +44 3456 000 606
Royal Mail Redirection Contact Number 03457 777 888 +44 1782 668 007
Royal Mail Online Shop Queries 03457 641641 +44 131 316 7483
Business Customers- Online Shop Queries 03457 782 677 +44 131 316 7482

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